Too Close to Me

In the annals of musical history, there are tributes, there are covers, there are remixes and there are samples. And then there’s Delta Goodrem’s latest single “Hearts on The Run”.

The opening bars of the song literally made me believe the Cure was on the radio. It was with great shock and displeasure that as the song continued, Delta Goodrem’s pitch perfect (and might I add, soulless) pop vocals destroyed any illusions I might have had about enjoying the next 3 minutes.

One might argue it’s a loving nod to The Cure’s “Close to Me.” Others might suggest it’s an uninspired replica. Most would agree it’s an exercise in rhythmic robbery that leaves one questioning the originality of modern pop.

Delta’s fans, bless their optimistic hearts, might call it a homage. Critics might prefer terms like “plagiarism” or “imitation.” Whatever you call it, the result is a track that offends the trad-goth inside of all our hearts.

Delta makes no attempt to recreate the charming atmosphere of “Close to Me”, and her song ends up feeling like a paper collage where the artist has glued down a picture of the Mona Lisa and then expanded the view to have her sitting at McDonalds.

The song is so far from any kind of Cure sensibility it really feels disjointed and like two songs smacked together by an 80’s loving producer who couldn’t see the Forest for the trees. Robert Smith should go the way of David Bowie & Queen when Ice Ice Baby dropped and sue.

The song sits awkwardly between tribute and carbon copy, managing to be neither convincingly nostalgic nor refreshingly contemporary. It’s a musical purgatory, where the only thing ‘close to me’ is the overwhelming desire to skip to the next track.

Perhaps this is Delta’s way of showing that she, too, can create timeless music—by borrowing someone else’s.

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