Scare City is my ode to Horror Music. I don’t think there are enough songs about how ghosts are real. Featuring a cameo and sample by Klaus Nomi, i also cut in shots of me dancing in my backyard with the cartoon clips, carefully editing the movement to match the sounds. I also sampled sound and video from the 1963 film the Haunting. No I wasn’t inspired by Rob Zombie although metal fans will recognise the sample from his work too. I was in fact inspired by The Nostalgia Critic on Youtube and his review and love for this film. I also chose Luke Wilson to represent the nothing man, the man who believes in nothing who acts as a contrast to my firm belief in ghosts.

Fight the NRA is my hip-hop (West Coast) song tackling Gun Control. I initially wanted to rap but after recording some attempts i quickly realised rapping is not a strength of mine. I thought about who I could sample to increase the effectiveness of my message. This was created in 2019, Trump was still president, COVID wasn’t a thing and by the middle of that year, there had already been over 300 school shootings in the USA. I pinpointed the one driving force behind this scourge and decided to cut one of Trumps Pro-NRA speeches into an Anti-NRA speech. I consider this a high-art form of trolling.

Lucky for me there was some animation online already of Trump breakdancing, that I spliced into clips from movies of gratuitous gun violence. I wanted to overload the viewer with the violence, in an attempt to reveal the senselessness. Contrasting the heavy masculinity of the gun violence are my Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men clips. This represents the innocence and the opportunity for a different imagining of what men could choose to be.

Fun Fact. I am in Love. My true love is the Wind. And this is my chilled out trip hop song dedicated to the Wind. I took a selfie stick into the nearest local park and danced the best I could with the song only in my head. Producing music is great for ear worms, and I had plenty, so this wasn’t too much of a challenge. The biggest challenge was dancing in a way that would look good both backwards and forwards. I flipped the video backwards in order to highlight my lover, the wind. Bonus Bird in the bridge of this song. What awesome timing. Thanks Bird!

Delorean was the result of a friday night at home filled with regret. And whats better for regret than time travel? Nothing. No it wasn’t a rhetorical question. Once again its me dancing for the camera, this time splicing together 3 differently filtered dance moments in order to mess with the space time continuum.

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